Ginkgo Trees, Oil on canvas, 90 X 120 cm – 2023. I like the beauty, history, and heritage of these iconic trees. I am proud my first painting of Ginkgo Tree found a home in Japan last November. Now this is the second one. In particular, I like their body trunks, texture, and yellow hues of leaves, as it brings back Kyoto memories of streets dressed like yellow paradise fenced by Ginkgo trees on both sides. Ginkgo Trees are not just awe-inspiring and spectacular but also historic. The Ginkgo Biloba falls among the world’s oldest tree species alive. It is the last of an ancient family of trees and has been around since dinosaurs, who lived between 245 and 66 million years ago. These trees are so old that they are also called “Living Fossils.”Further, a Ginkgo Leaf is also used by the Usasenke Tea School of Japan, as it symbolizes happiness and good fortune.