Native to Sri Lanka, Suranga Navarathne lives in Dubai. He is a self-taught, award-winning artist, painter, gardener, and concept designer with decades of experience in art and architecture. Named among the top ten artists in NBF, UAE, in 2021, Suranga spent the last 19 years creating mesmeric artworks. He has also worked on multiple high-profile architectural design projects in Dubai. In addition, Suranga's art has been exhibited internationally and sits permanently in some of the world's famous museums, like the Haegeumgang Theme Museum in Korea.

Suranga Navarathne's art is distinguished for its unique appeal and depicts his matchless love for nature, architecture, and the world. His collection entails nature drawings, landscape paintings, and architectural depictions, showing exquisite shades of exceptional emotions, cultures, and environments. When not capturing the beauty around him, Suranga loves to hike, enjoy off-road drives, and explore the unexplored.